Oh mah god..
Just finished that.. Level 1.. First time.. Plus a minute of non stop jump rope…
Dying..hands shaking..had to stop..didn’t have separate weights..only big jug..did cardio as a sub for strength..but I did the an exercises..omg..I’ll look for separate weights tomorrow…
Oh my god…water..Jillian..I better lose weight…after this… -breathing heavy-

Can’t my crush just like me already? Like seriously.
If I wasn’t attractive then I why do I have all this air surrounding me?
Seriously this air is like all up on me.

This is just relevant.

Hey… I have an idea~

Hey I just had an idea!

I wanna take this weight loss thing week by week with small changes, but it’d be nice if I had a buddy to do this with. 

If anyone with similar stats or just anyone who needs help to start losing weight and has quite a few pounds to shed is interested, just message me!

I thought about it and maybe we can have a friendly competition or something. We could have prizes up for grabs and stuff. Like for example, we could get a jar and fill it with anything, maybe coins or rocks or marbles or whatever. Then, whenever someone reaches the set goal of that week,they get to put one marble or whatever in the jar. Then, if someone doesn’t reach the goal, they have to take out a marble and so on. Of course, we do this daily.

So, for example, if week 1 is to drink more water and exercise for 5 minutes and I reach this goal on M, T, W, TH, and SAT, then I would get 5 marbles, but subtract 2. So I would have a total of 3 marbles.

Then, whoever has the most whatever by like our first milestone or something, gets the prize! 

And we can split the cost of course~ Or just take turns sponsoring the prizes. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive either! You know, it doesn’t even have to be prizes, that’s just something I came up with on the spur of the moment. We can always come up with different ways to motivate…

But yeah, bottom line, I want someone with somewhat similar stats to me that I can have a friendly competition with!

Message me if you’re interested!! <3


*Log in on Tumblr - check

*Look for motivation - check

*Decide what to do - check

*Get back in the game stronger than ever - in progress

Guys, I’m sick of not being to stick to something.

I’m going to try again for the LAST AND FINAL time.

Small changes. I think that’s what I need to do.

Small small changes weekly… that will help a lot I think.

I’ll keep you posted!


     Hey guys! I know I haven’t been active these past few weeks, but I’ve just been going through a lot internally. Bouts of depression and hopelessness keep coming on and off, that’s why I haven’t been doing much. So I’m sorry to all of you for that! Thank you to all my followers that stayed with me. I honestly thought I would have no one left whenever I logged back on haha. So thanks again guys. <3 I’m glad I decided against deleting my tumblr.

     Anyways, progress has halted. I know why. I’ve been getting off track. And by off track, I mean more of like exercise stuff. I used to walk a lot, and now not so much. So I’m trying really hard to start exercising again. Actually, my new Korean pen pal has kind of influenced me to do so. He’s skinny, so he wants to gain some weight in muscle, and is doing it the healthy way with eating more healthy food and lifting weights at the gym and drinking protein powder. I’m so proud of him, even though I didn’t exactly tell him so. He said he even made progress :) I think he gained 5 pounds ^^ He says it’s hard because he’s the kind of person who can eat mountains and not gain an ounce. I was like omg I hate you -.-” haha. He said he can almost bench his own weight :D I was so proud of him :) He eats pretty healthy, and doesn’t eat much junk or fast food. My only concern is all the bread he eats lol It’s like a convenience snack/meal in Korea when having milk with it. Their bread is much sweeter than ours though. So you can imagine my concern! Also, Korean’s digestive systems don’t have as much tolerance for breads and pastas and fast food like us North Americans. I’m guessing it’s because of the way their ancestors and our ancestors ate for a very long time so yeah, it adds more to the concern! Anyways, point is, I love him and I’m happy he’s a healthy guy and encourages healthiness and well being :) Don’t get me wrong though, he’s in no way athletic whatsoever haha xD He’s more of a reader ^^ But anyways, I even told him the other day about my diabetic grandma and how I have a very very high chance of getting diabetes when I’m older especially since I love sweet food more than anything and told me that the only way I can prevent it is with diet and exercise. He told me I should run or jog in my neighborhood because it’s so nice and quiet haha. I was honestly really touched and I thought about it… and I realized he was right. If I don’t take care of myself, my body will attack me and I’ll have to live with this disease for the rest of my life… and I don’t want that to happen!

     Today I was lying on my mom’s bed and I was thinking about going outside to exercise. I thought… well it’s noon already, so it’s probably really hot outside. Then I thought about my weight loss journey and why I’m doing this. I thought there are plenty of reasons why I should and want to lose weight. One being the upcoming wedding of my friend. I don’t want to be fat at another wedding! The second reason had to do with my pen pal. I want to be healthy so he doesn’t have to worry about me and I want to be able to confidently send him videos with me actually IN it! I want to be able show him my  awesome (I’m being sarcastic lol) dance moves! All the videos I’ve sent so far, don’t show my face or body. I’m literally hiding behind the camera… even though I don’t think he senses it. I finally managed to take a picture of my face for him though, but that’s it!

     So after I thought about all of that, you know what I did? I said fuck this shit! I got up and went to my room put on some pants, slathered sunscreen on my face, put on a light sweater, my scarf, and grabbed my roller blades from the floor with my iPod in hand. I went downstairs, sat down, put on my skates and went outside and skated for some time! It was fun although it was hot as fuck. I endured it! As I started skating continuously without stopping, the side and back of my thigh started to hurt like a mother -sneeze- Whew ~ Excuse me! Anyways, it started to hurt all the way up to my ass. When it started to hurt, I wanted to stop really bad, but I pushed through it! ^^ Thoughts like “I bet I’ll get an ass just by doing this!" and "I wonder if only one cheek will get perkier and leave the other flat. OMG CAN THAT EVEN HAPPEN?!" started to stream through my head xD Of course, my legs and lower back (had to bend over for velocity) hurt too but that’s normal. Seriously though, I hope my ass evens out normally xD Anyways, I plan on skating more when my parents come home because it will be cooler ^^

     Wow, if you read until here…. then damn haha A+ for you! <3 Ugh I’m so pissed though cause I had to write this ALL OVER AGAIN because of fucking tumblr mobile -.-” But yeah, it felt good writing this out! Maybe I’ll make more updates more often :) (Just not on tumblr mobile -.-“) Anyways, have a bangin’ day guys! I love you all! <3 ^^ ~

     P.S. I think I have a major crush on my pen pal >//////<” I mean I could talk about him all day *o* He’s just so perfect! Even his flaws… I’m trying not to like him too much though because I know I will just be disappointed with rejection T^T



c-hlorinated asked:
i love your blog so much holy shit <3

Awh really?? Thanks so much! xD <3 


I need your help! 

See, my Korean pen pal is writing a paper about the LGBT people for his advanced English class. He asked me if I could help him get some opinions a while ago, which I agreed to but my laziness and forgetfulness got the best of me. I know you guys don’t really respond to me much, but it’s worth a shot, right? 

Leave me your opinions about the LGBT community here! 

Make sure to leave what country you are from because this is sort of a demographic thing as well!

*NOTE: These asks will NOT be published! Whether you choose to be anon or use your identity is strictly your choice and you will NOT be judged (because I’m a neutral party in this) and your names/urls will NOT be given out to my pen pal. I’m simply collecting different opinions.

Thanks in advance for all your help guys! <3

auroralayton asked:
Cinderella :)

Words I’ll always live by/My motto:

Hmm… I don’t really use mottos so much, really, but there is one quote I will always believe! ^^

"There is no such thing as a coincidence, only the inevitable." -xxxHolic

getfit-getfabulous-deactivated2 asked:
Well because I live in New Zealand, your timing is perf! <3

Hooray for late night blogging! :D <3

getfit-getfabulous-deactivated2 asked:
Omg. I love your blog, and you're active too! My dash was dead until I started following! <3

Aww thanks! :D Yeah, I’m not as active as I was before (which is a good thing I guess? xD), but when I am on (at weird ass times), I spam a shit load of random stuff :D Hehe. <3

Thinking of changing my logs…

After I finish my homework (and do all the other crap I need to do) and updating the last two days of food/exercise logs I didn’t fill out, I’m thinking of logging my stuff in a different way.

My main focus for food was to size reasonable portions, eat when hungry, do a picture log, and eat until I’m comfortably full. It went well the first week or so but I think as I went on I kind of lost it somewhere and have just been mainly watching what I eat (kind of…). 

So now I’m trying to think of a new way to log my stuff and I’ll let you know when I think of it :) 

Around the World in Achey Fitblrs Challenge, Day 3

Do you listen to music when you work out? Which songs motivate you the most?
Ummm depends what type of exercise I’m doing. If it’s running or dancing then yes, I do listen to music. I don’t think any of the music motivates me, honestly. It’s just kind of there do distract me (in cases of running). If I’m dancing though, I like really upbeat songs cause they get me moving a lot more ^^ ~

Day 16

Food and Exercise Journal, Day 16 - 9/11/12


Breakfast ~ 1 cup berry flavored silk

Lunch ~ 1 Arabic cucumber, 1 small apple, 1 egg muffin sandwich (1 extra large egg, 1 Roma tomato, 1 slice of cheddar cheese, 1 whole wheat egg muffin bread) 

Dinner ~ 1 bowl spaghetti, 1 bag of carrots

Snacks ~  5 prunes, 2 tbsp pb, 1 iced oatmeal cookie, 1 pecan shortbread cookie

Water ~ 10 cups


Steps ~ 10,218

Additional ~ N/A

Sleep Times:

Woke Up ~ 11 am

Slept ~ 3:30 am