Anonymous asked:
U need God

Um.. okay.

xordinarymachine asked:
Top five things you like about yourself?


1. Eyes/Lips/Hands/Nails

2. My sense of humor

3. My love for languages

4. Independent 

5. My optimistic and positive view on most things and in majority of situations 

Geez that was hard lol. Thanks for the question!

Anonymous asked:
Top five countries you want to visit/live in

Oooh! I like this one~ Thanks! ^^

1. Korea

2. Brazil

3. Germany

4. Palestine

5. Japan/China

There’s obviously a lot more places but yeah haha. These are the only ones that come to mind at the moment!

b3healthyb3happy asked:
My dashboard is always filled with the most entertaining posts because of you. And for that, I give thanks to you. Thank you for making me laugh throughout my fitness filled dashboard.

Awww thank you so much! That’s so sweet! ^^ I’m glad other people enjoy my humor as much as I do haha xD


c-hlorinated asked:
i love your blog so much holy shit <3

Awh really?? Thanks so much! xD <3 

auroralayton asked:
Cinderella :)

Words I’ll always live by/My motto:

Hmm… I don’t really use mottos so much, really, but there is one quote I will always believe! ^^

"There is no such thing as a coincidence, only the inevitable." -xxxHolic

getfit-getfabulous-deactivated2 asked:
Well because I live in New Zealand, your timing is perf! <3

Hooray for late night blogging! :D <3

getfit-getfabulous-deactivated2 asked:
Omg. I love your blog, and you're active too! My dash was dead until I started following! <3

Aww thanks! :D Yeah, I’m not as active as I was before (which is a good thing I guess? xD), but when I am on (at weird ass times), I spam a shit load of random stuff :D Hehe. <3

madsdblake asked:

Anonymous asked:
what are some good fitblrs?

Well… there are quite a few.

Hmmm…. off the top of my head these are the ones I can think of.









There are a bunch more amazing ones I can’t think of right now, you just have to browse :)

mailenjokerbell asked:
Just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. Love your recipe tag <3

Aww thank you! ^^ I actually love my recipe tag myself :p I want to organize it but I’m so goddamn lazy @____@”

reachingforstrong asked:
thanks for the follow! good luck with everything :)

No problem and thanks! <3

puravidablessings asked:
I love your blog!! Great work! Totally inspiring! Good luck, you got this!! :)

Aww thanks so much! <3 ^^ I’m flattered :)

Anonymous asked:
How are you doing, lovely? I haven't seen very many personal posts from you, and you used to post a lot. I hope everything is well for you! <33

Aww thanks for your concern! <3 I’m glad you noticed ~~~

I’m fine actually! Just got a little too lazy to post and figured no one was reading ‘em anyways so why bother ya know?

But I guess since some people do read my posts I guess I’ll update a bit more often!

Once again, thank you so much for being concerned. Hugs and kisses you lovely anon! *mwah* :D <3

reachesoftheuniverse asked:
HI! I just started a fitness blog. I'm working on losing 75 lbs and could use some support. No need to publish this, but respond privately if you'd like. :)my url is culinaryschoolfitness

Hey guys check her out and give her your support! <3